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The images below are of the previous range.  Images of the brand new UK manufactured Little Wise Toys' range will be available on the new Little Wise Toys' website soon!


Little Genius Craft Box Sets


Little Genius Box of Maths 





Little Genius Box of Phonics 


To note: The alphabet poster above is focused on the common individual letter sound for each letter of the alphabet (i.e. - the letters you can see on the poster above in red).  With the yellow activity book, as well as exploring common individual letter sounds further, it also looks at how letters can combine in different ways to make different sounds.  For example, it looks at new sounds that can be made when two or three letters group together (such as the 'oi' sound in 'coin', the 'ch' in 'chop' and the 'igh' in 'light').  When we start getting really advanced, it explores other areas such as how the same sound can be made using different letters (e.g. the 'ai' in rain and the 'ay' in 'say' making the same long 'a' sound).  There's much more too as the activity book takes you through all of the different stages of learning how to read in a really easy and accessible way.  You can find a snapshot of the inside of some of the activity book below.

The larger wooden letters in the image above do not come with the box set.  


Little Genius Craft Collage Educational Kits



Zoo Life 





Sea Life 








 Farm Life 





Close up of educational resources in the collage kits

To note that the above alphabet sheets focus on the common sound of each individual letter of the alphabet (i.e. the letters highlighted in red).  There is additional support in the educational resource about how letters can combine in different ways to make new and different sounds.


Photos sent in by customers 


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