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My name is Michelle Wiseman and I am the creator behind Little Genius Crafts (LGC).  I live in South East London with my five year old daughter.  My background involved working on a range of children and young people related policy areas across two central Government Departments – the Department of Health and the Department for Education.  Since becoming a Mum I was keen to look for a more flexible way of working to allow me to have a career while also being there for my daughter.  I also have a love for all things creative; alongside a strong belief and interest in the benefits available to little ones through opportunities combining learning with fun and creativity.  It was with this in mind that the LGC venture was born. 

I came up with the beginnings of the concept for the LGC collage kits three and a half years ago in the middle of the night when my mind started wondering while feeding my daughter.  I remember waking up feeling very excited the following morning!  I ran the idea by a number of Mums and had very positive feedback.  So, I started designing the themes and testing them out with little ones.  The kits proved to be popular both with parents and their children.  I decided that the next natural step was to start producing them.  Initially I made everything by hand and the product has evolved from here.  Following on from a very successful market testing phase selling in a small number of shops, I have now taken the bold step of outsourcing the development of the kits (whilst ensuring that the highest quality has been maintained) to enable me to turn LGC into a small business for myself and my daughter.  The range is also about to adapt and expand with all of the travel toys now being made in magnetic format; and with the introduction of the brand new Little Genius Box of Phonics and Little Genius Box of Maths.  I continue to develop all concepts and design all new products with my own lily white hands

All of the Little Genius Craft products are made with eco-friendly material and have all been CE certified.

If you decide to delve into the world of Little Genius Crafts, I hope that whoever the products have been purchased for has lots of fun getting creative and learning at the same time. I'm certainly having fun developing the range!


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