Maths and Phonics Box Sets

  • What a brilliant idea!  I think parents and children will love them.  The activity books read perfectly with very good and clear explanations.  Children will have so much fun playing with them!  The design makes them ideal for travelling too!  I'd love to have one of each when they are ready please!
    Teacher on the consultation Team

  • I know everything that's out there.  Why have I not seen these before?  They are brilliant. A great tool for parents to use with their children.  I could really see these working for one-to-one support in schools too.  They are so child friendly.  Nice and compact and don't take up too much space.  Love them!
    Deputy Head

  • Perfect educational activity for young children.  My daughter (almost 3) loves her sets.  She's now able to recognise some of the letter sounds.  Thanks!
    Becky, London

  •  My son received a Little Genius Crafts Maths Kit as a present and it is one of his favourite games ever!  The kit is great for encouraging experimentation and, with his love of maths, it is perfect.  It is always packed for our weekends away or train journeys.  I highly recommend this fun and educational bit of genius.  
    Michelle, London

  • Your kits are a genius idea!  My son was having a bit of a hard time with his reading.  I wasn't very confident in how I should go about helping him to learn phonics.  Then I saw your kits and decided to get the phonics one.  Honestly, it has been so helpful as it makes it so easy for me to help him.  He also loves making all the words on his tablet. I can see improvements already and he's very proud of himself (I'm very proud of him too).  Just wanted to let you know and to say thank you.
    Sarah, Birmingham 

  • This is a very clever idea.  I work with children with special needs and these are perfect interactive tools for helping them with their learning.  I'm going to get the phonics and the maths set so my Teaching Assistant can use them to give one-to-one support to our pupils.  
    Teacher visiting the Little Genius Craft stall at a Fair

  • I work with adults with learning difficulties.  Some are literally starting from the beginning in terms of learning how to read.  I'd love to buy one of your phonics kits to use with the adults I work with.
    Customer visiting the Little Genius Craft stall at a Fair

Magnetic educational collage kits

  • I ordered the Zoo Life kit for my four and a half year old daughter.  I had no idea there would be so much inside the kits.  So many different ideas to help with learning (my daughter now knows how plants work!).  Great creation!  I'll be ordering a farm kit soon for one of my daughter's friends for Christmas.
    Sally, Huddersfield

  •  I run a nursery setting and I'm going to get a couple of these sets as the children would love playing with them.  Such a good creative way to support early learning.

  • Well done on your new business.  My daughter has one of your sea life kits and she loves it.  She loves that she can rearrange her sea life scene again and again and again (it reminds me of the modern day version of fuzzy felt!).  And the educational resources give me so many ideas to help her learn while she's playing with it.  She doesn't even realise she's learning and just thinks she's playing, which is great.  
    Amanda, St Albans

Testimonials on the original (non-magnetic) version of the educational collage kits

  • Just wanted to say the Little Genius Craft kits have been my Toy of the Week.  Only 2 kits left!!  I will be in touch to repeat order soon.  Great product.  Thanks.
    Cute Clothes and Toys (shop), Petersfield

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful Zoo Life Collage craft kit which I won in your recent competition.  Little William will have hours of fun with this and not realising he is learning at the same time.  Super fast delivery and the quality is excellent.  There is so much to do in this wonderful kit.  The 'No Mess' is much appreciated too!
    Evette - Gloucestershire 

  • I received a Dinosaur craft kit as a present for my daughter's fourth birthday.  Your kits are brilliant! There are so many different ideas and tools to help children to learn while having some fun.  It's been so helpful in helping me support my daughter with her reading as well as other areas of learning.  And I love that you can focus on a different area of learning each time you use the kits.  Lovely cute and bright designs too.  Well done on a very good idea!
    Simone - Bristol

  • It's amazing.  My son loves it!  Thank you so much.
    Jo, Edinburgh 

  • I recently purchased one of your craft kits and I just wanted to say thank you!  My daughter absolutely loved it.  The thing I really liked is that it was so portable with everything we needed inside.  We are regularly flying to Barcelona to visit the family and it did a great job keeping the little one entertained on our last trip.  I first showed her the kit while we were in the airport and she had so much fun making the collage and re-doing it again while waiting for the plane and while flying too! Great that I didn't have to worry about any mess too!  I'll definitely be purchasing again for another trip.  Thanks again.
    Marta, London

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for designing such a genius product.  My 2 1/2 year old son is always desperate to join in arts and crafts with his 4 1/2 sister, which results in mess, frustration and ultimately tiffs.  However, now he has your dinosaur kit and is having a great time creating pictures and colouring in while his sister does her glitter crafts.
    Lucie, Bath

  • Here's a review on the Little Genius Craft Sea Life kit.

  • My son LOVES his Farm Life kit! We've had so much fun making the collage and your educational resource offers brilliant ideas of how to use the kits to support early learning.  Thank you!  When we go on holiday in the Summer I'll be back to order another theme to keep my son entertained on the journey.  I'll definitely be recommending Little Genius Crafts to my friends!!
    Vivienne, Portsmouth
  • Just wanted to say thank you! The kit I recently brought for a friends five year old daughter has gone down a treat! Apparently it was one of her favourite birthday presents. Will definitely buy again! 
    Rachel, London

  • recently bought the Little Genius Crafts Zoo Life kit for my two daughters aged three and five.  They absolutely loved putting it together!  It’s great that it’s reusable too and they can do it again in a few days.  And they had so much fun with the ‘fun facts’ as well.  I must admit, I even enjoyed them (and learnt a thing or two).  I’ll definitely be letting my ‘Mummy friends’ know about Little Genius Crafts.  Good luck with your new venture - very exciting! 
    Nicola, Kent


  •  Just wanted to say, I ordered four of the Little Genius Crafts Kits after seeing a posting about them on the East Dulwich Forum.  Highly recommended and great service.  The kits are put together/packaged so nicely that you wouldn't even need to wrap them if you haven't got the time. Christmas solved!
    Sally, London
  • As a mother myself of two young children, aged two and three, I believe that this product is a very educational craft kit and would be an ideal gift for any child, looking to improve on their skills. My Sister-In-Law is a teaching assistant in a nursery and she thinks this product is extremely good and with the right marketing could eventually become a standard tool in the school curriculum. Any child would be happy to receive it. I know my two children would love this :-) I wish you all the very best of luck.

    Carol, West Midlands


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