Little Genius Craft Magnetic Educational Collage Sets

How do the Little Genius Craft educational collage sets help children to learn? Here's how...

Each kit is packed with tools to help children discover and learn in a fun and creative way. The educational resource comes as a colourful booklet which is bursting with ideas of how parents/carers can use the kits to support early learning.  Simply pick a different area of learning and the right age band each time you use the kits; have a look through the suggested ideas; then let your little one create their collage masterpiece while you weave in the ideas from the resource.  They won't even know they're learning! There's a section in the resource for 3-5 year olds and another for 5-6 year olds informed by both the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 of the Curriculum. Here are a few of the ideas you'll find... 


  • The resource helps little ones understand the world (e.g. how is the river in the dinosaur collage formed?  The resource will tell you how).   
  • It offers ideas for helping children to understand different emotions (e.g. by introducing ideas you can use such as exploring how the Little Genius Craft animals have feelings and needs and creating stories around these). 
  • It provides support for understanding numbers (e.g. by showing how the collage can be used to learn numeracy).
  • The resource is packed with support for learning how to read (e.g. there's a whole section dedicated to teaching little ones the first steps to reading, including a wealth of practical tools such as beautifully hand drawn illustrated alphabet sheets). 
  • It provides ideas for developing communication and language skills (e.g. by offering ideas of how you can use the collages to encourage children to practise listening to others and communicate their thoughts).

In addition, the fun facts provide wonderful and sometimes bizarre facts about the collage themes (e.g. did you know that crabs can taste food through their feet?). 

And, lastly, but by no means least, the very act of completing the collage and colouring-in sheets is a great way to develop fine motor skills and explore colours and design.


I asked a Mum who bought a Little Genius Craft collage kit for her four year old daughter how she used it to support early learning.  Here's what she said.


"The educational resource was full of ideas I could use.  Each time we used the kit we'd use a different section of the resource.  This meant that we used it in a different way each time and could also learn something new. One time, for example, we used the 'emotional health' section and we made up a story using the different animals in the collage and looked at relationships and communication between friends. Another time we used the 'understanding the world' section of the resource. Here I used the information provided to help teach my daughter the basics about how plants are formed; and also talk about how animals use all their different senses to help them survive.  All of the extra support for learning how to read is handy too.  My daughter has started learning how to spell some of the simple words suggested in the resource and she's got her alphabet sheets on the wall in her bedroom.  We haven't used the 'numbers' section yet, but will do soon.  We thought the fun facts were great too! I've found the kit a really helpful tool supporting early learning in a fun way."


Educational elements of the Little Genius Craft Educational Collage Sets to use alongside the magnetic collage

The alphabet sheets above focus on the common sound for each individual letter of the alphabet (i.e. the letters in red).  There is also additional support available in the kits which explores these individual sounds further as well as looking at how letters can combine in different ways to make new and different sounds.  As outlined above, the educational resource is also packed with ideas across a number of areas of learning, such as understanding the world, numeracy and communication.  


Practising letter sounds and letter writing using the alphabet sheets 


Little Genius Craft Maths and Phonics Box Sets

The first two sets in this range focus on phonics and maths.  Everything you need to learn all about phonics and maths for 3-6 year olds can be found inside!  

The phonics set includes: a magnetic tablet; multiple magnetic upper and lower case letters; an alphabet poster exploring the common letter sound for each individual letter of the alphabet (the letters highlighted in red on the alphabet sheet); and a very easy to follow activity book which walks through the different stages of phonics. 
With the activity book, as well as exploring common individual letter sounds further, it also looks at how letters can combine in different ways to make new and different sounds. For example, it looks at new sounds that can be made when two or three letters group together (such as the 'oi' sound in 'coin', the 'ch' in 'chop' and the 'igh' in 'light').  You can see a snap shot of the inside of the activity book below (there's also a larger image if you click on the 'gallery' tab) which takes you through all of the different stages of learning how to read in a really easy and accessible way.  

The Little Genius Box of Maths includes:  a magnetic tablet; a range of tabs for exploring numbers, shapes, distances and sizes; and a very easy to follow activity book packed with ideas for learning all about maths and includes images for 3D shapes too.   




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