There are currently lots of exciting developments taking place with Little Genius Crafts.  Here are a few of the highlights...

- Production is moving to the UK. 
- A brand new product focusing on supporting children's social-emotional intelligence is in development. 
- Existing products have been revamped and extended, offering even more opportunites for learning. 
- All kits will now come in the popular A5 travel friendly boxes.
- A splash of extra colour and vibrancy has been added to the packaging designs. 
- In addition, there will be a brand new website launching in September.

As so many changes are taking place, and also because the products have moved on from the initial craft focused days, the product range will now come under a brand new name - Little Wise Toys.

Whether you want to focus on emotional intelligence, phonics, maths, creativity, or something else - you can be sure to find the right educational toy at Little Wise Toys.

More news and the brand new website - coming soon!







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